Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy by Bobath Practitioners

Manchester Neurotherapy Centre (MNC) is an out-patient physiotherapy clinic run by an experienced team of Bobath physiotherapists specialising in neurological rehabilitation.

MNC has an international reputation as a centre of excellence for neurological physiotherapy specialising in the Bobath Concept. Many patients travel from abroad, accompanied by their physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

The therapists at MNC work closely with other neuro-rehabilitation professions and take referrals from solicitors, case managers, consultants, GP’s and other agencies. In addition to this patients can directly self refer to our service.

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What does the clinic offer?

  • Individualised assessment and treatment
  • A friendly atmosphere in our accessible and well equipped centre. Please see the treatment facilities in our introductory video tour
  • The chance to maximise your potential to move more freely when carrying out day to day activities
  • Support to maintain your maximum physical abilities
  • One to one hands on therapy
  • The clinic welcomes your family and friends if you wish them to attend

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The reputation of MNC – Manchester Neurotherapy Centre as a centre of excellence means that therapists…

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Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions at MNC

Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions at MNC

MNC are offering virtual/remote consultations as an alternative to face to face, hands on treatment…

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Clinical Placements

MNC offers both undergraduate and post graduate clinical placement opportunities…

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Home Visits

MNC-Manchester Neurotherapy Centre acknowledge that some of our patients find it difficult…

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Body-Weight Support Treadmill Training

BWSTT is a treatment approach that has been developed from earlier…

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The ReWalk exoskeleton provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals…

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Spinal Cord Injury

Although people often associate Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) with total paralysis…

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disorder of the Central Nervous System…

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Stroke Physiotherapy

Stroke physiotherapy is a very specialised type of physiotherapy treatment…

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acquired brain injury

Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can be caused by having an infection such as encephalitis…

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Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy treatment within water, at MNC we utilise a specialist hydrotherapy…

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What could MNC offer you?

The chance to maximise your potential, to enjoy moving more freely when carrying out day to day activities

  • Individualised assessment and treatment
  • Help to achieve your personal goals in life
  • A friendly atmosphere in our accessible and well equipped centre

Flexible appointments including some evenings are available by arrangement

  • Therapists who will work closely with you and your family and friends
  • Hydrotherapy treatment in a specialist hydrotherapy pool
  • Individually tailored 1:1 treatment sessions and group exercise sessions

Helping you to be as well as you can be and maintain your level of activity by providing:

  • Intensive blocks of treatment
  • MOT’s to review your progress and review home exercise programmes
  • One off consultations with your treating therapist to offer expert help and advice

Client Testimonials

I look forward to twice-weekly treatment sessions in such a pleasant and friendly environment, and I am hopeful that I will continue to make progress in the months and years to come.
RP, Stroke Treatment
When visiting MNC all the staff are friendly, know you by name and include your family members. Most importantly they have specialist knowledge of MS and work very hard to help people reach their potential.
Anonymous, Multiple Sclerosis
My physio understood how my body worked straightaway and how to make my legs move without being limited by my MS.
Anonymous, Multiple Sclerosis
I didn’t know this type of physio existed until I visited. It is very firm and hands-on which felt like just what I needed.
My physio is very creative and positive; I always leave my sessions feeling optimistic and with good ideas about how I could improve my physical well-being.
The sessions are worth every penny. My physio gives it her all for the full hour.
Wow! I can really feel my leg again!
It’s the hands on that really makes the difference, gets me into positions so I can actually make things work.
The team are truly first class!! Always professional… ever encouraging and very determined to attain the very most of each patients potential.
I started attending Manchester Neurotherapy Centre in the summer of 2011. Since then, my posture has improved dramatically. The fixations in my walking have been steadily taken apart, and I can now carry myself a lot better.
WB, Stroke Treatment