Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions at MNC

Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions at MNC

MNC are offering virtual/remote consultations as an alternative to face to face, hands on treatment as advised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. These include video consultations using Skype, FaceTime and Zoom aswell as telephone consultations.

‘The CSP endorses a more rapid approach to implementation of remote sessions to minimise risks of exposure to COVID-19 to patients, the public and healthcare staff’.

We know that there are many of you who are unable to leave your homes at the moment and as a result this has stopped you being able to access face to face, hands on physiotherapy. For those of you who are unable to travel to attend MNC it can be extremely useful to have some virtual sessions. We can also arrange to offer specialist advice through joint video consultations with your treating physiotherapist. This may be helpful in order to go through assessments and treatment programmes.

We have found that our skills as movement experts and our knowledge of how the brain and nervous systems repairs after damage has equipped us to be able to adapt to this way of treatment.

We have a number of patients who have benefitted from virtual sessions and the feedback has been extremely positive:

‘It has been fantastic and I wish we had done it before.’

As support workers we find the sessions on zoom really helpful, enabling us to keep our client active and mobile throughout lockdown by using the correct techniques. We really enjoy the interaction as well.’

‘As I usually have twice a week physio sessions, I find the zoom sessions really good and keep me in contact with my physio and make me feel less isolated.’

‘I am so grateful for Linzi and the team at Manchester Neurotherapy Centre for arranging customised online physiotherapy sessions to me while we’ve been in lockdown. Being able to resume regular physio has been so helpful for me in managing pain and ensuring ongoing improvement, even during these difficult times. I hope to continue my regular online sessions with Linzi after this time has passed. Thank you again Linzi.’

We are able to help people with neurological conditions in a number of ways including:

  • Analysing how you move so that we can identify ways of adapting your posture and sequencing of movement to help your movement be easier and more efficient. This can have a positive impact on for example, reducing any increased tension/tone in the affected arm of someone with a stroke.
  • We carry out an individualised assessment to identify a treatment programme with exercises you can work on when you are on your own.
  • Devise individualised home programmes which you can work on at home and this can be monitored and adapted as you progress.
  • We can help you find ways of using your home environment to help with your exercise. We have found it extremely useful to be able to see how people move in their home environment for example, getting in and out of bed or standing up from a chair.
  • We can work with you and your family and/or support workers to identify key exercises you can be doing at home. This includes helping you to tune into parts of your body that you find difficult to move or helping you with how you start and sequence a movement and how your posture might affect your movement.
  • We talk you through these movements and help you learn how to do these yourself.

What to do next?

If you would like to talk to us about how remote sessions might benefit you or your family member then we are happy to discuss this with you either on the phone or through a virtual video link.

You can contact us on 0161-793-0003 or by e-mail on

There are also other ways to access help online for example, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website has a section on exercises you can do yourself

However, we would recommend you seek individualised help and advice to point you in the right direction so that you can use these with the maximum benefit.