What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy treatment within water. At MNC we utilise a specialist hydrotherapy pool based at Bolton One community leisure centre, on a weekly basis. The pool maintains a warmer temperature than a regular swimming pool and has specialist hoisting equipment to help people access the pool.

Hydrotherapy uses the properties of water to enhance the physiotherapy treatment in various ways. The therapist will use buoyancy to assist or resist movements for strengthening, improving flexibility or to assist with people who have problems weight bearing on land against the effects of gravity. The therapist can create turbulance or ‘drag’ to improve strength, core stability or assist with movement in water to stretch muscle groups.

Our therapists utilise their Bobath skills and their knowledge of the properties of the water to provide a very specialist hydrotherapy treatment. Each person receives an individual assessment of their movement and strength problems and is then treated by their therapist within the water to work specifically to improve these areas. The therapists work with clients individually or with their family/carers to carry out treatment or teach a specific exercise programme.

The therapists have a range of floatation aids to help people feel stable in the water, to assist with balance and to add extra resistance during muscle strengthening techniques. The exercise within the support of the water is also great to improve fitness which can often be difficult for people on land following an injury.

Hydrotherapy Stage 1 Video

Hydrotherapy Stage 2 Video

Hydrotherapy Stage 3 Video

Benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has therapeutic effects that can be gained depending on the type of problems experienced.

  • Pain Relief – the support of the water and warmth can help reduce muscle spasms and allow relaxation. There is no pressure on bony areas during treatment allowing further relaxation and reduced stress on joints.
  • Increased Mobility- movement can be facilitated more freely in the water to increase joint range and stretch muscles. The warmth facilitates the muscle activity.
  • Strengthening- the water can be used as resistance to movement to help strengthen specific muscle groups or whole body strengthening work.
  • Improved fitness-using the water for resistance during exercise leads to more demand on the cardiovascular and respiratory system. This is often hard for people to achieve on dry land due to mobility problems.
  • Gait re-education- the support the water offers allows you move more freely and reduces fear of falling while practising walking and standing activities.
  • Improved balance- balance can be challenged by using the water to disturb your balance and working against it to stay still and maintain a position.

Who is it suitable for?

Hydrotherapy is suitable for most people following injury or with a long-term condition.

These include neurological conditions:

Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease, Incomplete Spinal Injury, Head Injury, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Neuropathies, Transverse Myelitis, Ataxia, Post surgical/ disability as a result of brain tumour.

Hydrotherapy will also be suitable for people with:

Joint problems, arthritis, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, learning disabilities.
The physiotherapist will carry out an assessment prior to entering the pool to ensure Hydrotherapy is suitable for you.

How to access our hydrotherapy service?

Anyone can refer themselves to our hydrotherapy service. You do not need to be referred by your doctor.

If you are unsure if Hydrotherapy will benefit you, you can speak directly to one of our physiotherapists. We will ask you a few questions about your condition, what difficulties you are having with your mobility and can assess whether it is suitable for you.

You can book a hydrotherapy assessment directly with Jenny, our Office Manager via phone or e-mail.