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Introduction to Bobath (Module 1) 

Human Movement Analysis as a Basis of Clinical Intervention

Duration: Half day Friday and all day Saturday

Course Tutor: Sue Armstrong

Course Description: This two-day module is designed to introduce participants to the concept of movement analysis in the assessment and treatment of adults with neurological or neuromuscular dysfunction.

The module consists of a theoretical introduction to movement analysis, practical sessions, and a patient demonstration.

Course Aims:

  • To discuss movement analysis based on the Bobath Concept
  • To explore and enhance skills of observation, analysis and facilitation in a neurologically intact subject
  • To link the evidence base and clinical practice

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe key components relating to the analysis of positions/postural sets (sitting/standing) and movement sequences (sit to stand)
  • Identify key characteristics of efficient movement performance and recognise potential causes for lack of efficiency
  • Understand the wide postural and tonal variations in the intact neurological population
  • Demonstrate efficient handling skills to facilitate movement from one postural set to another (sit to stand to sit)
  • Apply knowledge of movement analysis to the assessment and treatment of patients with neurological dysfunction


Suitable for: Qualified Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists working in neurology

Cost: £200. Introduction to Bobath Modules can be paid for individually; however, we have a discounted rate of £540 if all three are booked together.

Refreshments: Light refreshments provided

How to Apply: Please either email your interest to or telephone 0161 7930003