Musculoskeletal Problems & Treatment at MNC

At MNC-Manchester Neurotherapy Centre we adopt a holistic problem solving approach to meet the needs of our patients. While we are specialists in treating Neurological conditions, we are experienced in assessing and treating musculoskeletal problems and pain that may arise as a consequence of poor posture or movement patterns.

Problematic postures and movement patterns may be related to neurological conditions or just the particular daily demands we place on our bodies such as sitting at a computer for 7 hours a day!

Detailed movement analysis and postural assessments are completed to understand the cause of any musculoskeletal pain to ensure that individualised treatment programmes address this rather than simply manage the symptoms.

Treatments may include

  • Soft tissue and manual therapy techniques
  • Kinesio taping
  • Exercise based therapy, including Pilates
  • Postural analysis and correction

At MNC-Manchester Neurotherapy Centre, we appreciate that every individuals experience of pain is unique and is sometimes the result of a complex interaction of many influences in person’s life. All of these influences are considered in the assessment and treatment of complex pain presentations.