Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy describes a group of lifelong conditions that affect movement and co-ordination. It’s caused by neurological damage that develops before birth or in the early years of life. There are an enormous variety of ways in which people are affected with cerebral palsy and consequently many different issues in managing the condition throughout life.

How someone experiences movement as a child and young adult will have an effect on shaping how they then move and balance in later life. For example people with a diplegic presentation, where the legs are mainly affected, will have difficulty generating sufficient control from their legs so often rely on support from the arms to move around. The muscles of the lower back are often overused to stabilise the body and developing back pain can often be the reason they seek physiotherapy help. Understanding the reasons for the movement strategies used and helping find the most efficient way to do so can often reduce this tendency to develop stiffness and pain as well as improving mobility and the ability to carry out functional everyday tasks.

At MNC we see a number of adults who have Cerebral Palsy. Although we do not offer a Paediatric service treating very young children we do see older children and adults.

There is often a great deal of support offered to children with special needs related to neurological problems but these are often much harder to access once the child moves into young adulthood. Our staff can help the individual and their carers to deal with some of the issues and challenges they face as they mature.

Cerebral palsy is a complex condition and seeing professionals with expertise in movement analysis and postural control will help to identify root causes of difficulties and so develop a specific programme to help.

This will include maintaining posture, alignment and range of movement which can have a positive effect in control of spasticity and preventing increasing muscle weakness over time.

Gentle stretches and a programme of regular exercise can be very beneficial in keeping muscles mobile and muscle strength adequate to allow continued mobility throughout life.

Our treatment will assess what the main problems are interfering with your ability to enjoy leisure or work activities and help find solutions.


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Cerebral Palsy


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