Baby News!!

Congratulations on the arrival of baby Isabelle Mae to Katie and Paul. Baby Isabelle was born on the 21st January weight a lovely 7lb 3oz. Sending all our love and best wishes from MNC.

Developing Neurophysio’s of the Future.

MNC working along side Huddersfield University in developing neurophysio's of the future. MNC successfully completed the very first clinical demonstration for Huddersfield University's 3rd year neuro elective module on Monday 1st February. The aim of the session was to give the students an opportunity to both observe and be involved in a patient assessment and [...]

Gyroglove – Technology for Parkinson’s Patients tremors.

Hope in a Glove for Parkinson’s Patients A wearable device promises to help steady hand tremors by using an old technology—gyroscopes. Do you or a family member experience tremors due to Parkinson's disease? What have you found to be helpful? Call MNC today to see what physiotherapy can do for you. http://www.technologyreview.com/news/545456/hope-in-a-glove-for-parkinsons-patients/

Happy New Year

Here at MNC we would like to wish all our clients, family members and extended colleagues a very happy new year!! Hope the New Years resolutions have not been broken just yet, and we have all thought of the goals we wish to achieve and hopefully smash in 2016!!

Merry Christmas from MNC!!

Everyone at MNC would like to wish all our amazing clients, family members and colleagues a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! We are very excited for 2016 and can not wait to be inspired by the incredible achievements that will be accomplished!!

MNC Challenge Update

Due to lots of changes happening here at MNC we have decided to postpone this year's MNC challenge until next year. This means you have extra time to train! We will update you when we have a formal date in place.   Many Thanks Team MNC