Bobath Physiotherapy & Stroke Rehabilitation Testimonials

The Manchester Neurotherapy Centre has a large client base. People come to our centre because of the specialist neurophysiotherapy skills we offer including Bobath physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitation.

The following are some of the testimonials we have received from patients who have attended the Manchester Neurotherapy Centre.


At times when affected by a certain condition affecting bodily movement one feels hopeless, tortured and lost. Treatment at MNC has provided hope and eradicated the feelings of torture and loss. Moreover, I now have a definite sense of improvement, hope and positivity. I will recover to be “me” again of that I am now certain.
Andy (Stroke)

“I have been travelling a long distance from Scotland to attend Manchester Neurotherapy Centre since I suffered a severe stroke in December 2006. I used to attend for a week of daily two hour intensive sessions four times a year and now I attend twice a year.

The improvements I have made have been phenomenal. From having been “written off” I can now pursue a fairly normal life. Linzi Smith at MNC is my “super-star” – her skill and dedication is beyond admiration and her genuine care and humour make the sessions not only awesome but also heart-warming and enjoyable.

Over the years I have had many physiotherapists. In my opinion, MNC are the best and they are definitely my angels in Salford!”
Jens Arpe, Aberdeenshire (Stroke

Linzi understood how my body worked straightaway and how to make my legs move without being limited by my MS. I didn’t know this type of physio existed until I visited. It is very firm and hands-on which felt like just what I needed. Linzi is very creative and positive; I always leave my sessions feeling optimistic and with good ideas about how I could improve my physical well-being. The sessions are worth every penny. My physio gives it her all for the full hour”.
Ellie (Multiple Sclerosis MS) 

I was diagnosed with MS in 1998 at the age of 25. During my first 2 years I was very debilitated. The following 9 years I was able to walk with the help of an elbow crutch. I then started on a downhill path with repeated urine infections and pressure sores, this left me unable to walk and having to use a wheelchair. At this time I felt abandoned and ignored and experienced a very limited input from the Health Services.

In January 2011 at the suggestion of my MS nurse I was assessed at MNC. This has been a turning point in my life. I have been treated on a weekly basis by Shae and I feel that I have been listened to, advocated for and treated in a totally hands on and holistic manner which has improved my strength and confidence.

When visiting MNC all the staff are friendly, know you by name and include your family members. Most importantly they have specialist knowledge of MS and work very hard to help people reach their potential.
Anonymous (Multiple Sclerosis MS)


My Mom and I travelled many miles to get to Manchester Neurotherapy Centre. Coming all the way from the tiny subtropical island of Bermuda! Although we travelled quite the distance, it was worth it! I was first introduced to MNC when doing research online. I was looking for the best physical/occupational facility in Manchester; one that would specialize in my type of injury (C6-C7 incomplete spinal cord injury). After reading many of the testimonials, and learning about the cutting edge techniques they use, such as the BOBATH concept. I knew MNC was the place to visit!

During the month of October 2017 MNC scheduled me in for an intensive block period of physio. During my initial assessment, I first met with two of MNC’s highly qualified physiotherapist Funeeza & Alec. Both of these individuals demonstrated the upmost respect and care when we had therapy together. They were very hands-on and their eagerness to work with me motivated me to do more in my sessions whilst at the clinic and home. Many of the exercises focused primarily on upper and lower extremities, core stability, standing, walking gait, and fixtures of compensation from my arms/head when thrown into extension, (leading to fixation.) I always felt much stronger and confident after every session!

Ms. Linzi didn’t waste any time when she had me booked in! I knew I was in good hands when working with her, she was very upbeat and passionate about her job. Her wealth of knowledge about Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries intrigued me to want to learn more about living with this injury. The enthusiasm she displayed was very inspiring for me. She was thorough with explaining the benefits of certain exercises and encouraged me to push hard. One of my most memorable experiences while at MNC was using the body weight support treadmill. I felt a complete difference in my walking and would love to experience it again someday soon. Ms. Linzi and the entire team of therapist really put the effort in to ensure their clients know what it is that is affecting their ability to progress. From the mantle movement of the spine, to hip movement, and finding movement of the pelvis MNC know their stuff!

In addition, the MNC team made my family and I feel very comfortable. The ladies in the administration department were kind and helpful. Their assistance throughout the time of my treatment did not go unnoticed! Thank you Ms. Barbara & Kayte!

I had the privilege of meeting almost every therapist, even if it was for a brief moment. Each staff member were friendly and attentive to detail. They never hesitated to help their colleagues with clients if needed. Thank you MNC! The environment was always very warm and welcoming! I recommend MNC to anyone who wants to see progress with their mobility or even just improvement with daily living activities.

CH, (Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury).  

I have been going to Manchester Neurotherapy Centre for 4 years. The physiotherapy is always done to a high standard. I have a rare condition – neurosiderosis – and the physiotherapists have been able to adapt and modify their treatment in the clinic to suit my needs. Home visits have been very useful providing me with exercises I can do, some being incorporated into my daily routine.

The staff are encouraging and have provided much needed support – especially during the early days when my condition had deteriorated. The physiotherapy has improved my mobility, making me more optimistic, and I always look forward to my sessions.

 AS, neurosiderosis

My husband, David Kenyon aged 55 suffered a massive stroke on the 9th April 2016. He is a non-smoker, doesn’t drink, average weight, took regular exercise, has never suffered from high blood pressure or increased cholesterol. He does not have a history of strokes within his family.

The stroke should not have happened according to consultants and doctors – but it did – and devastated our lives.

Everybody suffers through this, not just David. His children, his grandchildren, his friends and me – his wife. We have all lost the fabulous sense of humour and quick-witted one-liners that David would often come back at with you. I lost the sound of David singing every morning, which used to drive me mad but what I would give to have this back. We lost David rolling around with the kids taking them for walks with the dogs, turning up for a visit unannounced to his family, calling in on his Dad weekly to make sure he ok, feeling proud going to work every day to earn a crust, driving the car because I am too scared on the motorways.

MNC are enthusiastic and actually want clients to improve to have a better quality of life. Not just to tick a box or hit a target. They really, really care. MNC are different because I see all the staff have made their work a vocation, not just a job. David is excited to attend his appointments and is motivated. He is happy and determined. MNC gave him hope and as well as his physical improvements – they have improved his mentality towards his own condition. MNC help in ways they aren’t even aware of.

If I had a million pounds – I would still stay with MNC – they have everything we need in order to get our lives back. They are giving the grandchildren their Grandad back, and much, much more.

Jo Kenyon – wife of David. (Stroke)

“I heard from Switzerland that there is an excellent clinic of rehabilitation in Manchester (MNC) with a tremendous physiotherapist called Lynne Fletcher. Even my own therapist told me that she would like to be treated there in case a of brain trauma. In Canada (specialist of neurorehabilitation) they recommended the clinic and particularly Lynne. So I did the move to the U.K. and even my Swiss hospital sent an expert for seeing the Bobath Concept. I didn’t regret my choice to come to Manchester, Lynne and her team were fantastic!”

DD Ataxia

After my stroke in May 2009 I received physiotherapy from the NHS for about a year. After which I joined a gym to regain my strength and fitness. Although in some ways, this did help, it also made things worse. I had developed a number of bad habits, or fixations in terms of getting from A-B. I was unable to walk without help and carried myself in a bad way.

I started attending Manchester Neurotherapy Centre in the summer of 2011. Since then, my posture has improved dramatically. The fixations in my walking have been steadily taken apart, and I can now carry myself a lot better.

Although still unsteady and unbalanced, thanks to the work of the staff, I am able to understand why. With knowledge it has made things much clearer and I no longer have to guess as to why things are not working. Attending the centre has opened my eyes to what is happening with my body.
WB (Stroke)

Ever since my initial home assessment by Charlotte, after I had spent four months in hospital following a stroke, I have felt that the ethos of everyone at MNC is that all patients should be enabled to achieve their full potential.

Charlotte has been treating me for four years, for the first two years in conjunction with an excellent community therapist. At first I had to be pushed into the clinic in a wheelchair but from the beginning, Charlotte encouraged me to believe that I would be able to walk again. I now walk with a stick (still under supervision outside for safety), and my overall stamina has improved greatly over the past two years, thanks to sessions on the treadmill. Although I am unable to use my left arm and need help with my personal care, being on my feet again has made a huge difference to my day-to-day life. I look forward to twice-weekly treatment sessions in such a pleasant and friendly environment, and I am hopeful that I will continue to make progress in the months and years to come.
RP (Stroke)

When I was first referred to MNC, my walking had deteriorated and the FES I wore was not able to work to its full capacity. I was in considerable pain. Since my treatment started, my walking has greatly improved; the treatment is helping to awaken muscles in my right side that I have not used for years. It is also helping my balance. Charlotte has carried out a lot of work on my legs and arm, and is helping to re-educate my whole body, to a better/normal way of working. I have less stiffness and my joints are more manipulative. I know I have developed bad habits and Charlotte is really helping to reduce these. The whole team are very focused and work very hard. There is a great atmosphere and everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend treatment here.
ES (Stroke)

In only 3 visits, I am already seeing some improvements in my ability to do some jobs around the house. Due to a better posture, I am very optimistic that there are more improvements to come after 7 years of inactivity in a wheelchair. Particularly pleasing is the warmth and friendliness of my physiotherapist and the reception personnel.

MNC was recommended to me by a friend and I am ecstatic that after 7 years in a wheelchair, they are assessing my whole body posture and improving it. I have been looking for a way forward since invalidity.
KS (Stroke)

My name is Chas Banks. I’m 61 and suffered from an attack of transverse myelitis in the summer of 1996. It’s like getting one big hit of MS and there is no treatment for it other than large doses of steroids. I ended up being discharged from rehab in January 1997 as an incomplete spinal injury C5.

As an incomplete spinal, physiotherapy is vital. It’s especially vital is that it is provided by a physiotherapist who specialises in neurological conditions. Strokes, Brain injuries etc. This is because being incomplete means I’m something of a moving target and finding the correct alignment and postures makes a huge difference to what can be achieved in a session.

Specialist neurological physiotherapy is the oil that keeps the machine that is my body moving. I know I’ll never walk again, but being able to harness the movement that is available to me, keeps me from seizing up. In turn, this keeps me from giving up.

Without the regular specialised physiotherapy I get from Linzi and her colleagues, I would become a mass of spasms and uncontrolled movements. Even simple things like transferring from my wheelchair to the loo, or the bed or the car become impossible challenges without the flexibility and control that regular specialist physiotherapy provides me with.

There was once a time when I could get this help from the NHS, but I’m afraid those days are long gone. Without the clinic that Linzi and Lynne have set up, my life would be a shadow of what it is now. I thank God every day that the help I need is still there for me.
Chas Banks (Transverse Myelitis)

Because of the range of injuries which Ben sustained he has a sizeable team of expert therapists and physios who work with him, but it is Charlotte at MNC who problem solves and provides direction for the whole.

Always progressive and positive, Charlotte provides expertise which we could not find elsewhere. From the first visit she identified the problem areas and makes very significant improvements at each session, which can then be reinforced by the team.

Now 7 years post injury, Ben is making gains faster than at any time in his rehabilitation, and this is directly due to Charlottes input.
Ben Parkinson (Traumatic Brain Injury)

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