Bobath Physiotherapy & Stroke Rehabilitation FAQ’s

The price of treatment depends on a number of factors such as whether the treatment is at the clinic or in your home, the length of the session and whether there are two therapists involved. For details please contact us to discuss your needs.
Usually sessions are one hour but some patients, particularly those travelling from some distance or staying for intensive periods such as when coming from abroad, elect to have sessions of 90 minutes or even occasionally 2 hours. A small number of patients who are unable to manage to work for a full hour may have shorter sessions.
This is very individual dependent on your condition and how long you have had difficulties. Some patients need more regular therapy to maintain their level of activity while others may have short intensive bursts, interspersed with long period where they no longer require therapy input. The therapists at the centre are well informed related to research in stroke rehabilitation and the required intensity to maximise brain repair and motor learning as a basis for improved movement control. Potential for recovery will of course also influence the length of a course of therapy. Your therapist will discuss with you what your goals are and how they may be achieved and you will come to an agreement as to the number of sessions you opt to take.
Manchester Neurotherapy Centre is in Pendlebury, Salford, 2 miles from Manchester city centre with easy access to the M60 motorway and we are close to the city centre for rail links etc. We have a main road position so are very easy to find. We also see patients in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Appointments can be arranged through the office manager in Manchester.
We do see some patients at home, who are unable to attend the clinic, or to allow us to assess what particular difficulties they are having in their home environment. It is obviously easier for some patients to treat at the clinic, where we have the necessary equipment, plinths etc. and other team members on hand as required. We cover quite a wide area so please contact the clinic for more information.
The cost of a home treatment is slightly higher than a clinic visit and may be even more expensive dependent on the distance from the clinic and then time taken for therapists to get to you.
Yes, the practice also has experienced musculoskeletal therapists who treat a number of neck and back injuries.

Many patients who have more chronic problems with neck or back develop postural problems which exacerbate the symptoms and these conditions respond well to our treatment aimed at improving postural alignment and therefore minimising the chance of recurrent problems.

Yes, we work with Neale Brown at Salford University who works closely with us in the provision of individually assessed and measured orthotics to help improve peoples balance and gait.
You do not need a referral but it is advisable to let your doctor know you are attending so he may be happy to send details of your condition to us. We will send a report to your doctor after assessment and treatment if you are happy for us to do so.
It is advisable to bring appropriate clothing for assessment, usually shorts and a crop top, vest or sleeveless top etc. If you are not happy to wear shorts, just inform your therapist and we will be happy to come to some arrangement which makes you feel comfortable such as stretch trousers. Each patient is seen in individual cubicles, not in an open gymnasium.
It may be useful to jot down any information we may require such as a brief history of your condition and details of any medication you are taking. Private medical details may also be useful.
Manchester Neurotherapy staff are always very happy to welcome your family into the therapy sessions and many of our patients have their family present at each session and others, once they have met our friendly team are happy to come alone and allow their carers to go shopping while they are in the clinic!
The therapists at Manchester Neurotherapy Centre are particularly skilled in Bobath physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitation and so we see a number of patients in a consultative role where their therapists attend for advice and are able to take video recording if you wish for their personal use or we send a report after the session as summary if requested.
There is ample parking on the road outside the centre, a small disabled bay directly outside, but also all the parking is free in the immediate area.
Unfortunately Manchester Neurotherapy Centre does not have in-patient facilities although we do sometimes assess and treat patients who are still in-patient elsewhere.
We have several Bobath plinths, which are particularly wide, height adjustable and specifically designed for use with patients with neurological conditions receiving Bobath therapy. Patients with these conditions may have balance problems or difficulty moving in bed and gain extra confidence from the wide and low beds. We also have a Body weight support treadmill training system, standing frames and mats, gym balls etc.

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